GSP Interview – MMA Fighting

GSP - Ariel Helwani UFC InterviewI always enjoy an interview with GSP because I sense the humor under his mechanical or shy demeanor. He made a great point about the McDonald – Ellenberger fight. If you’re the one losing and being shut-down by your opponent, it’s up to you to try something new and make it exciting if you want to win. Vrai dans les combats et vrai dans la vie!

+1 for GSP’s reference to mae-geri (Japanese term for a front-kick). GSP respects his traditional martial arts background. Also, apparently, an African warlord may have GSP’s Range Rover…

Link to interview here (since WordPress has been having problems with embeds).


George Saint-Pierre (GSP to his friends and enemies) is a pure champion. His focus is single-minded. He avoids trash-talk and excess displays. Instead he speaks with his actions. If you’re looking for an ideal to aspire to in your training (martial arts or other), he is the one.