Forrester Research Misses the Point

AdAge Magazine quoted a report by Forrester Research on FourSquare in which it identified primary FourSquare users as male, educated, and between the ages of 19 and 35. 4% of US online adults use FourSquare. Forrester and AdAge miss the point with his data, assuming that the quoted demographic will remain frozen when, in fact, this is often the avant-garde group that acts as the point of the spear for new and exciting technologies and social media platforms.

This of course also misses the value of FourSquare in connecting users to businesses and to each other. Also, the data collected by FourSquare is of considerable value to businesses and to its users and will no doubt be a vital part of FourSquare’s evolution as location-based marketing and the power of technology is embraced by growing numbers of new demographics.

One final point, Facebook also started this way and is now one of the largest and most-used social media platform. Like prophets in their own time, new ideas and platforms are often ignored or cursed.

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