Inner Stillness

The noise around us is constant and unappetizing. It fills our heads with volume but also an absurd nothingness. The … More

The Hour of the Tiger

Miyamoto Musashi opened his last testament (later titled the Book of Five Rings or Gorin No Sho) by saying that he raised … More


Tsuba (Japanese sword guard) with a man and a monkey in the tradition of Japanese “monkey dancing.” Sarumawashi, literally “monkey … More

The Wanderer

“The man weary in spirit cannot withstand fate, nor may the troubled mind offer help.” – The Wanderer, Anglo-Saxon poem.

Streaming Some Thoughts

Yet let’s be content, and the times lament, you see the world turn’d upside down After over a year of … More

Low-T and Coronavirus

That rumbling sound you hear is herds of men with low testosterone running like mad to at least one of … More

Health is the New Wealth

Even though the pandemic curve is starting to flatten, the new reality of life will be a heightened sensitivity to … More