Employees Really Do Waste Their Time At Work

That’s according to Russ Warner, CEO of ContentWatch – a service that allows companies to snoop on and micromanage their employees so no surprise that he was quoted in the Forbes article of the same name.

Of course Russ’s job is to sell his services to paranoid executives who think that their employees are fundamentally servants who are stealing the silver behind their backs. And in some cases, that may be right – in the sense that some employees in some companies truly do aspire to the role of Slacker-in-Chief.

However, the vast majority of people (and by vast, I mean to say that I have nothing to back that term up except my own experience) are looking for ways to be the best, to contribute to their team, and to make their company special.

So if that is case, then why are employees allegedly slacking off?

The answer:

They are under-utilized, disenfranchised. If they are relegated to rote-work, not asked to be part of the wider culture, and do not have a compelling reason to care beyond their immediate job needs, then you can expect that they will seek other avenues for connection.

So what is the solution?

If you’re a poor leader, you’ll spend valuable time and money on blocking access to the outside world while probably going after your employees individually, either driving them to find other ways to “steal your silver” or driving the good ones out the door.

If you’re a good leader, you’ll spend valuable time to create an open environment where everyone is not just engaged with with their team but with you and the company as a whole. Learning and listening, creating new opportunities for improvement and business success because now you have the entire business actively engaged in your vision and goals.

No software needed.

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