Arrow: The Odyssey

Arrow - Got Glue - OdysseyAny time that a show uses content from the classics I get excited because it implies that the writers care enough to add depth to their efforts. For a show that is about redemption, growth, and revenge, it just makes a richer meal.

The CW’s Arrow continues to demonstrate that and the February 13 episode was great. I’ll avoid spoilers but the episode was about Oliver’s time on the island, his relationship with Slade Wilson and more of the back story of Yao Fei.

The Odyssey

We also get introduced to a future character from the DC lexicon, Shado and, as everyone can see from the promo pics on the internet, Felicity joins the team.

Arrow - Felicity Smoak

So that classical reference? It was a call phrase and an awesome one.

“Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man.” It is from Homer’s Odyssey, a story of a man who returns home against all odds. And a perfect phrase for this show.

The question is, can one really return home the same person?

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