Hannibal ClapsNBC’s Hannibal continues to impress me with its thoughtful and artistic exploration of the character Hannibal Lector as well as human nature in general.

The show’s emphasis on art, music, manners, and murder, also make it an unlikely renewal for NBC, a channel desperately racing to the creative bottom in a desperate attempt to regain its former glory.

Like the people who die in accidents by losing their cool and panicking, NBC is flailing and will no doubt turn to the usual raft of shows (reality TV, boring comedies, and dull remakes) that litter the American TV-scape.

So enjoy Hannibal as the fine meal that it is. Just don’t expect an encore.


UPDATE: Hannibal has been renewed which makes my assertion wrong. Something that I willingly accept if it means that this show will continue. Apparently its popularity among Hollywood insiders and with a vocal viewership was a contributing factor. I gratefully accept my “wrongness.”

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