Litterae Primum Anni


2014 came in like a lion for me. It was a busy December and with work, vacation, family responsibilities, and assorted errata, I’ve only just had time this week to consider my plans for 2014.

Everyone does this, of course, and most plans do not survive the first series of challenges or obstacles (to paraphrase the military maxim that no plan survives the first day of battle). So I’ve decided to make small but meaningful or fun goals.

And not for the entire year but for smaller chunks of time (months or a quarter). Small steps are what make up a long journey (paraphrasing yet again, as “…the journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step.”).

So some immediate goals or steps for me:

1. Kendo: practice with intensity or meaning as opposed to going through the emotions. Even if that means I gas out sooner, I will over time grow my mental and physical stamina. Small failures lead o success in this sense.

2. Work: be more mindful of my own needs and goals. Ensure that, while I achieve the goals given to me, that I also benefit from my efforts through learning more and taking away positives from every project and initiative that I am involved in.

3. Personal: Take time for myself but in a meaningful way. Sitting in front of a screen passively is not beneficial. Instead, take smaller bites of personal time but enjoy them and make them useful.

Three goals to apply in the next several months in ways both big and small.

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