Mark Twight said it a long time ago (when places like record stores existed) and that cold hard truth remains the same. Read this and then think about it when you go to work, smiling at the inane jokes from your co-workers, rehashing the details of the game of your favorite form of “sportsball”, and just pretending to care when you really don’t.

“You’re haunted because you remember having something more. With each drag of the razor you ask yourself why you piss your blood into another man’s cup. Working at the job he offered, your future is between his thumb and forefinger. And the necessary accessories, the proclamations of success you thought gave you stability provide your boss security. Your debt encourages acquiescence, the heavy mortgage makes you polite.”

Intrigued? Read more here. Better yet read it and then change your life. Uproot it and replant it before you run out of time. Do the things that you care about. Study, train, and get it done.



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