Streaming Some Thoughts

Yet let’s be content, and the times lament, you see the world turn’d upside down

Head of an Apostle by Albrecht Durer

After over a year of isolation and communication restricted to screens, texts, and posts, the world has indeed turned upside down. Like the apostle pictured above, I’m contemplating the thunderhead on the horizon that is pent up human energy waiting to be released.

If the Black Death led to the Renaissance and the wars of the 20th-century led to the rise of technology and its disruptions, what will our Little Plague of 2020 produce? More violence? Increasing political polarization? Massive demographic changes due to immigration, climate change, and wars?

I’ve checked enough boxes to think that the Little Plague of 2020 was just another data point in a wave of change that I welcome though I know it will be equal parts painful and troublesome.

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