No Rush to Watch

It’s great that media content can be consumed in a variety of ways which enable us to choose the time and place for this consumption. Of course there are some silly restrictions (Hulu won’t let you watch their content if you’re outside the US…unless you mask your IP address and Apple TV makes you watch a movie within 24 hours of rental or it disappears…and Apple TV doesn’t have a hard drive…) but basically we are no longer chained to our televisions at a set time (I can remember people adjusting their schedules around when Friends was on TV…yep, I just dated myself!).

With the sense of urgency taken away from the television and movie-viewing experience though, I find that I can live with less. Meaning, that with the knowledge that I can watch a given show anytime I want, I actually increase the odds that I will just forget about it and spend my time doing more meaningful things.

I wonder if this is just me or is this happening with others as well? Perhaps technology is freeing us in ways that we don’t even recognize.

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