Attack of the Bread Lobby

In an article that must have been funded by the bread lobby (and there must be one!),  Reuters quotes a study by the National Academy of Sciences that described the use of grinding tools to create food from various seeds and other plants, turning them into a form of bread. Reuters went on to say that this called into question the veracity of the paleo lifestyle which is weird because if one actually reads the original report, it states that our ancestors ate a wide range of naturally-occurring foods (animals from the hunt, fruits from trees and bushes, and roots and seeds from the ground).

However, the study did not state that our ancestors consumed enriched wheat products, processed sugars and other foods. Using their simple tools, they supplemented their protein and fruit-rich diet by creating a form of trail-mix, using seeds and other plant material.

That’s a far cry from a chocolate cake and a baguette, but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good time!

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