Pros & Cons of Social Media Engagement

Pros and Cons of Social Media Engagement


1.       Social media (as defined by current tools and platforms – increasing use of smart phone, online networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) has sparked a demand by customers for companies and organizations to be accessible via the social media space. It is a space that must be filled.

2.       Social media tools are inexpensive and ubiquitous allowing for one-to-many conversations with customers to be ramped up quickly.

3.       Provides direct access to customers and creates an opportunity to build individual relationships with the company and the brand.


1.       Social media is becoming so pervasive that there is a risk of content overload. Preparation is required to ensure that messaging has high quality to be heard over the din. At the same time, too long in preparation and internal buy-in raises the risk that when the content is released it will no longer be relevant. Social media is a fine line.

2.       Social media engagements require a higher degree of expertise in their creation and execution as the “one-to-many” communication cuts across a variety of demographics. What’s cool in New Jersey may not be so in Singapore.

3.       Social media raises the bar of consumer expectations and too early an execution by a company leads to the risk of disappointment which will be magnified in the online space. Prep the organization for the brave new world.


Fails: (not being ready to truly engage) (not being real and being accountable) (come to battle prepared)

Wins: (responded quickly and effectively to customer backlash which was magnified by social media) (companies win when they go live with a product that they feel passionate about) (the right levels of humor connect across many demographics – but remember point 2 in Cons) (big companies can create valuable customer-to-brand relationships; big and being “cool” can happen)



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