Training For A Reason

Why do you train? What do you train for?

I’ve been asking myself this question and the answer is one of the reasons that I’ve taken a break from CrossFit (well, that and an injury). My primary focus is kendo but I had been doing CrossFit, ideally to grow my strength and stamina in support of kendo. And it worked.  However, I soon found myself thinking more and more about CrossFit instead of kendo itself.

Frankly, my kendo declined and I came to a crossroads: what do I really care about? What is it that will sustain me as I use a particular path which will support all of my other endeavors?

CrossFit is a world to itself, just like kendo. It comes with its’ own internal language and metrics. It has competitions, a defined system of training, and it focuses not just on getting strong but doing it the right way.

So I chose kendo. It is a lifelong pursuit of something both very physical and yet also very intangible. I’ll still have to do other training to support my efforts and I will have to figure out what that means.

First step of a long journey is that first step…

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