Training Notes – Jan 20

As part of my commitment to cleaning up my past training omissions and focusing on a higher level of kendo, I started training at Seattle Kendo Kai.

The great thing about training away from your home club is that you can just focus on yourself and go with the flow of class. Also, you are exposed to a varied level of kendo. In my case, all of that is far better kendo than mine!

A few of my dojo-mates were there, including my sempai who took me aside and put me through some heavy paces. I had a brief bout with a high-level sensei who provided some direct and appreciated feedback and a longer bought with a friend and high-level kenshi.

Key points:

1. Avoid winding up before a strike, thus giving away my intention.

2. Pushing through, leading with the body, and strike decisively or not at all.

3. I need to improve my cardio. I’d been doing heavy lifts but not focusing on my cardio and now I gas out when doing kakari-geiko.

Still, it was a great experience and I have no worries because all of this is something that I can change and develop. One of the wonders of the human experience is that anything is within your grasp as long as your truly willing to go for it.

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