Spartacus Is Back


And back with a vengeance!

The 3rd and final season of the epic show based on the historical slave revolt lead by a former gladiator named Spartacus (who also had a Gaulish gladiator as co-leader named Crixus), can be seen on Starz and they are offering the first episode for free online here.

With the introduction of the character of Crassus we finally get a Roman opponent who is both cunning and yet also with honor and some principles.

I really enjoyed how the episode presented Crassus, making him a more complex character than any of the previous Romans. Especially great was his relationship with his gladiator slave whom he trained with in the art of combat.

The actor playing Crassus is Simon Merrells and here’s a red-carpet interview with him. As with the previous seasons, all of the actors went through a grueling training program to get them to look and act as warriors trained for battle.

Looking forward to a great season and a dramatic send-off to Spartacus and his brave band!

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