Small Steps

I injured myself in CrossFit last year (no one’s fault but my own – too much weight and too fast) and stepped away to recover. As a result, I’m still weak.

In the last several days I’ve been doing calisthenics that are essentially warm-ups for a regular CrossFit workout and it just confirms that I am not nearly as strong as I was.

My kendo practice is improving but I know that I will not cross the finish line until my overall fitness returns to my “pre-injury” levels. Overall fitness provides one the confidence and capability to do anything.

My short-term program is to focus on flexibility and basic strength. That will be the basic platform from which I can build back up.

Small steps, to start:

1. 20 minutes of yoga stretches

2. 50 squats

3. 50 push-ups

4. Sprints

5. TBD (something different, wall-balls, punching bag, etc.)

But this is only the start…

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