U Mad, Bro?

U Mad BroA couple of weeks ago at kendo a friend of mine asked me after class, “Wow, were you mad during our jigeiko?” The question caught me off guard and I think I said something stupid like, “No, but maybe you were!” Yeah, I have to work on that…

Anyway, there certainly is a fine line between aggression and anger in any kind of combat sport. In kendo, the goal is self-improvement and personal growth through the study of swordsmanship and sport. My friend’s question triggered a few days of introspection as I respect his judgement and observations.

In the heat of a sparring session, especially with an aggressive opponent, the symptoms of frustration and eagerness to score can take many forms. I know that I felt a desire to break through and score.

Looking at it now, it is not anger so much as it is a decision to not accept a course of action and using all of my will to change said course.

Yet the comment stuck with me and I am using this as an opportunity to ensure that I what do comes from a spirit of fullness and not one of frustration or anger.

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