Yes, U Mad!

Roy Batty in the RainI was chatting with friends after kendo practice last night and I brought up my experience from the previous week which I had posted here.  One of my friends (who coincidentally was an old boss of mine from my days in shipping and logistics) said that what I described was indeed an emotional reaction.

His view was that, no matter how aggressive your opponent is, if you begin reacting to that aggression instead of your own strategy, then you are falling into the trap of emotion, which leads to defeat on many levels. He went on to say, that anger is a form of “losing your mind” and forgetting yourself. Another friend also agreed.

This really struck me and it puts my experience into a different place. Viewing it from my friend’s perspective, by falling into anger, I completely lost the engagement and the only value of it all was my delayed understanding of what I had allowed to happen.

I’m grateful for this learning experience and I will be extremely mindful in the days to come.

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