Three weeks ago I removed refined sugar from my diet, meaning no refined sugars, no pastries, doughnuts, Nutella, gummi bears, cookies, etc.

Since then I have been sleeping well, waking up refreshed, and going through my days and nights with a marked improvement in energy and outlook.

In addition to having no processed sugar in my system, I have also been cutting back on my meals and/or meal portions. So there are times when I am hungry and I have been able to explore the feeling of hunger as well as the feelings around hunger.

Specifically, the feeling of control that one has over their hunger results in a strong sense of being removed from an unstoppable flow. Instead of rushing to satisfy my hunger like a fast-flowing stream, I remove myself to a quiet spot by that stream, observing my hunger and seeing myself and my world from a new angle.

There are different kinds of hungers, the hunger for money, recognition, control, and pleasure. It is tempting to remove those but, then, is that too a hunger of its own?

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